God or 'No God'

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God or 'No God'

Post by hiranyagarbh on Tue Apr 22, 2008 1:05 am

Do you guys believe good is real and there is a afterlife and heaven and all?

Do you real believe in your religion? Or do you believe earth was created by the "Big Bang Theory?"

Also write about why you think so!


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yes god is present

Post by kaustubh on Thu May 08, 2008 2:51 am

I strongly believe in god. This is because of our present status of being remaining unanswered on many of the questions. On one side we just know and try to understand the properties of atom and make use of them. At the same time we keep making speculations about some planet being present at some xxxx light years away from us showing possible chances of life. We have already spent more than 2000 years (for sure) in just trying to understand what is it all that is around us and in us. We try to justify things as per our present knowledge and if we can not answer we leave it by saying Nature's law. We have no control in our hands, but in hands which people call as nature. I call it a god.
Nothing in this world can work on its own. Even we humans need a boss to make us do our regular routiene duties. Then how in universe can so much regularization be present right from the blood running in my veins to the regular elliptical revolution of all the planets around the sun ( with out hitting each other) with out a boss keeping a watch on it. It needs some body to govern all these processes. And he must be some body great, out of our range of understanding. I call him/her a god. Even the bing bang must have arranged by him in a similar fashion like we put a fire cracker on fire for our amusement.
I look at it as if we are in a position of ants whose world is very small as compared to that of humans.
Hope people would understand what I want to say!!!


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