Capitalism...but what is it???

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Capitalism...but what is it???

Post by hiranyagarbh on Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:25 am

According to the World Socialist movement it is a social system in which we are currently living in. It also claims that it has always existed for the most of the human history!

Under this system, the means for producing and distributing goods (the land, factories, technology, transport system etc) are owned by a small minority of people. We refer to this group of people as the capitalist class. The majority of people must sell their ability to work in return for a wage or salary (who we refer to as the working class.)

The working class are paid to produce goods and services which are then sold for a profit. The profit is gained by the capitalist class because they can make more money selling what we have produced than we cost to buy on the labour market. In this sense, the working class are exploited by the capitalist class. The capitalists live off the profits they obtain from exploiting the working class whilst reinvesting some of their profits for the further accumulation of wealth.

Hah! its sickening!!

The story is not over yet...

There may be other classes existing, the middle classes, but they are inconspicuous. This classification forms the great watershed...people who sit at home and become rich and the others who work for them and help them become rich. Both know their role in the society.

Its something like a vicious cycle...earn profit and then invest some part of that profit to earn more profit! They just want to earn profit by selling whatever they can...goods and services but forget that they have to satisfy people's needs.

Production is started not by what consumers are prepared to pay for to satisfy their needs but by what the capitalists calculate can be sold at a profit. Those goods may satisfy human needs but those needs will not be met if people do not have sufficient money. GREED FOR MONEY!!!


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